Note: 5 star account doesn't Worked (Patched on 5 star Accounts in KOS)

Step 1 : Manage Your Account to Get Reward and Click Download.

Step 2 : If you Done filling up click Download it takes 1minute.

Step 3: Run as Administrator.

Step 3 : Change the Gunz.exe to sting.exe .

Step 4 : Hit Automatically .

Step 5: Done Enjoy Killing Enemies.

Kill On Sight - Manage Your Account

K.O.S Get-Reward 2013 Updated 100% Working

 Dear Players : 

To Thos'e Who Download the Aimbot 2013 and Get Rewardings . I Wanna Say That You Can Claim Your Stuffs in 4 to 5 days because We Our Having a Long Transaction To Get it Free. 

Thank's For Your Patients.

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